Goals / April

April goals

Happy April! The months seem to be going by so quickly I can barely keep up. There's a big change for me this month as I have now finished my internship and I am starting a new job, a 'full-time grown up welcome to the real world' job! 


Goals for April

Make a blog post schedule - I want to start planning more blog posts instead of just writing when inspiration hits me; I'm hoping this will keep me posting regularly. 

Continue eating healthy/exercising - My goal for last month was to be more active and I've been doing just that, I must keep it up!

+ Practice calligraphy and hand lettering - Practice, practice, practice..

What are your goals for April?

Website Redesign

website rebrand

Welcome to my newly designed website, I hope you like it!

It's a big change from my last layout but I just felt that I needed a total refresh. I want to focus a lot on my blog this year to keep up with my graphic design work and with that in mind, this was the perfect design for me - minimalistic and user friendly! I now have categories in the sidebar which makes me feel a little bit more organised on here. 

You will have noticed I have a new logo too - this isn't set in stone yet as I am still practising my hand lettering skills so it may change in the near future. 

Happy April! 


Goals / March

march goals

Goals for March

Switch over to a new layout - I've been working on a new website design for a while now and there's just a few things that need tweaking so I'm hoping I'll switch over by the end of the month!

Blog more - This has been a goal of mine every month; I really do want to blog more! When I started this blog I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go with it and even now I'm still figuring out what sort of posts I want to write and how to get into more of a routine of posting.

+ Get back into reading - The dust that has accumulated on my Kindle over the past few months just proves I don't read enough, I would like to start reading more in my free time. If you have any suggestions of a good book please leave it in the comments :)

Be more active - With Spring almost upon us I'm starting to get that familiar feeling that I need to exercise more in time for the Summer!

What are your goals for March?

Moodboard / February

february moodboard

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I've had quite a busy month so far; it was nice to sit down and make a moodboard to get inspired. There's something about making moodboards that I really enjoy - picking out the images to use and placing them in a way that they compliment each other, I find rather relaxing. 

Etsy picks / 2015 planners

2015 planners

Weekly planner // Goals journal // 2015 diary // Astrology wall calendar 

With every new year comes a new diary! (albeit a little late). Just like many other people in a new year I always make a promise to myself that I will be more productive, organised and motivated - and I'm hoping one of these pretty finds from Etsy will help me along the way. 

I've seen this Astrology wall calendar on a number of blogs and Instagram posts and I think it's just lovely! I think for me in terms of staying organised and keeping my ideas in one place the 2015 diary is great. I love the design of the pages and being an avid fan of writing to-do lists it looks perfect.

Have you bought a planner for the new year? Leave any suggestions in the comments!